Obscure Technologies partners with Rubrik in SA market

South African cyber security specialist Obscure Technologies has partnered with Rubrik, the Zero Trust Data Security Company, for the distribution of its solutions in South Africa.

The non-exclusive distribution agreement adds crucial data security, cyber resilience and recovery competence to Obscure Technologies’ product stack. Rubrik provides data resilience, data observability and ransomware recovery with air-gapped, immutable, access-controlled backups.

Obscure Technologies MD Justin Lee says: “Data security is the fastest growing area of cyber security at the moment, and a top priority for South African organisations. This space was a missing piece in the puzzle of our security portfolio, so adding Rubrik to our product stack addresses our valued partners’ and customers’ evolving cyber security and data protection needs across the board.”

He adds: “Data is the most valuable asset of most companies today. Rubrik offers a secure vault to protect data, and in the eventuality of organisations being breached, Rubrik enables them to restore their data to the last known pure position and get business up and running quickly.”

Obscure Technologies is continually adding best-of-breed products to its stack, and now has a portfolio of 17 cyber security and data protection solutions with an 18 service offering set to be announced soon.

“We are continually extending our portfolio to help customers mitigate risk more broadly. We see huge demand for a product like this. Driven out of the acceleration to cloud, organisations now need to think about cloud data recovery, resilience and safety,” he says.

“With the addition of Rubrik to our portfolio, we are offering our valued partners an opportunity to open new revenue streams for their existing installed bases and to take something to market that we believe is a front-and-centre priority. It fulfils a growing need in the ransomware and malware space, and supports continuity and resiliency, which is becoming a critical requirement for business,” Lee concludes.

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