Obscure Technologies expands portfolio with BITM solutions

Cyber security specialist Obscure Technologies has announced the conclusion of a distributorship agreement with BlueVision ITM (BITM) whose solutions target early intervention and threat detection in the cyber security arena. BITM is a multinational organisation with a product division based in Canada and a service division based in South Africa. Within its product division, BITM is an […]

Getting to grips with Zero Trust cyber security

We’ve all seen the movie in which the heroes plot to gain access to the closely-guarded fortress or bank vault to purloin valuables, or to nullify some of the defences in order to allow a larger force of attackers to enter. Exciting stuff, but the lesson is clear: placing too much faith in perimeter defences is […]

Awareness training is key to e-mail security, says Proofpoint

Awareness training should be actively deployed to complement organisations’ efforts to secure their e-mail systems, says François van Hirtum, CTO at Obscure Technologies. This is because hackers are increasingly targeting people as security technologies become more and more effective. “The ‘2019 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report’ found that 94% of all breaches are the result […]