First Level Protection

Since the DNS Layer is located before the application layer, malicious traffic is blocked before it even starts.

Holistic Security Approach

DNS is used by all protocols like http, https, smtp, IoT. DNS traffic provides information, not only about the application layer, but also your entire network.

Invisible Malware Domains

80% of malware domains do not have an IP address at the moment. Malware requests that do not have an IP address can only be detected in the DNS log.

DNSSense is a DNS Layer Security Platform focused on actively protecting all devices in the network against any type of malicious activity including phishing, ransomware, and zero-day attacks. DNSSense provides a detailed internet traffic analysis of all devices in the network including IoTs. Rule-Based SIEM integration provides filtered, enriched, and understandable DNS logs & threat intelligence to SOC teams which also decreases DNS EPS costs. DNSSense’s own threat database updates itself 24/7 by crawling the entire internet and categorise the entire internet’s domains by using its own AI with immense accuracy. Many Firewall vendors around the world benefit DNSSense’s threat database. Today, DNSSense is receiving the DNS traffic of more than 7000 companies and 1 million unique users from 76 countries, each day.

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