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The explosion of mobile and cloud technologies has affected the concept of a traditional perimeter, as organisations can no longer assume trust based on whether or not the user is on the corporate network.

With the recent shift to dynamic work now, more than ever, organisations need to be able to ensure that the right people continuously have the right level of access, to the right resources, in the right context – whether they’re at home or if they’re preparing to return to the office.

Zero Trust is quickly becoming the dominant security model for the cloud, shifting the perimeter from the network to the people and devices that make up a modern workforce. As a model with many moving parts, the immediate question is where to start?

This discussion will focus on: The evolution of Zero Trust and when people are the perimeter, why identity becomes the foundation of a Zero Trust security model.


10:00 - 11:30(CAT)

8 July 2020


Zero Trust is a conceptual architectural model created by Forrester in 2010. In EMEA, companies are using Zero Trust principles heavily in cloud migrations — they’re just not calling it Zero Trust.

Okta is the leader in identity and access management, enabling an organisation to centralise identity and access control, ensure strong authentication across all services, everywhere, reduce attack surface, gain visibility and control over API resources, and support rapid response to credential compromise through key integrations.

Max Faun

Head of Value Consulting, EMEA

Max Faun leads Okta’s European Value Consulting Practice. Prior to joining Okta he worked at Accenture, advising Global 2000 clients across numerous industry groups on strategic decisions. He is passionate about the business implications of modern identity from a financial, security and user productivity perspective as well as wider technology trends. Max holds an MA in Intelligence and Security as well as a BA in International Relations.

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