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Cloud based software-as-a-service to fight online security threats


RiskIQ is the leader in Attack Surface Management (ASM), providing the most comprehensive discovery, intelligence, and mitigation of threats associated with an organization’s digital presence. With RiskIQ, organizations can understand their digital attack surface, expedite investigations, assess risk, and take actions to protect their business, brand, and customers from external threats.

The company’s Attack Surface Management platform combines advanced internet reconnaissance and analytics to provide unified insight and control for exploits, attacks, and adversaries across web, social, and mobile channels.

Beyond superior intelligence, RiskIQ’s SaaS-based solution suite allows different security teams to more efficiently identify, triage, monitor, and resolve exposures outside the firewall – taking advantage of greater collaboration, automation, and integration. RiskIQ’s solutions are easy to deploy, have broad application, and yield accelerated time to value. As a result, RiskIQ has been chosen by more than 80,000 security analysts and over 300 enterprises around the world. 

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What is RiskIQ PassiveTotal?

PassiveTotal from RiskIQ simplifies event investigation processes and provides the analyst with access to a consolidated platform of data that is necessary to have a comprehensive understanding, effect triage, and address any security events properly.

What is the function of RiskIQ Executive Guardian®?

It tracks what sensitive information potential attackers can find out about a company’s executives online. It also includes built-in workflow and managed services to eliminate leaks promptly. RiskIQ Executive Guardian® is your perfect solution to minimize the likelihood of private data from the executives in the company from falling into the wrong hands.  It maintains the visibility into possible security risks that results from data exposure, so that the executives in your company can be better protected.

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