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The world’s first Data-to-Everything Platform


Splunk is the world’s first Data-to-Everything Platform. Now organizations no longer need to worry about where their data is coming from, and they are free to focus on the business outcomes that data can deliver. Innovators in IT, Security, IoT and business operations can now get a complete view of their business in real time, turn data into business outcomes, and embrace technologies that prepare them for a data-driven future. Splunk has revolutionised data* 

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What does Splunk software do?

Splunk software has revolutionised data. With Splunk, IT innovators, IoT and business operations & security can now get a complete overview of their business in real time.  With Splunk they can embrace technology that prepare them for a data-driven future.

Who is a Splunk software solutions provider in South Africa?

Obscure Technology is the leading Splunk Software Solutions in South Africa –

Is Splunk difficult to use?

To use Splunk is not hard at all. Your success with Splunk lies in using it and keeping up to date with new features in Splunk. A great plus of Splunk is that it provides the user with all the knowledge and documentation necessary, free of cost on its website.

Why is Splunk so fast?

To put it in simple words – ‘parallel processing through MapReduce methodologies’  Splunk takes a search and breaks it up into smaller parts to get you the answer faster.

Why is Splunk so popular?

The big success of Splunk comes from the benefits that this software offers for features and big data analytics that makes Splunk stand out as the most powerful software tool available today. Splunk can be configures to present alerts and notifications at the onset of a machine state.

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