Integrated cyber defence to protect customers and organisations from next generation attacks

    Businesses of all types and sizes are battling with a patchwork of cyber security systems that are unable to cope with a rapidly-changing threat landscape. In addition, each year, cyber threats evolve, becoming increasingly complex and targeted, and are continually looking for new chinks in the enterprise security armour.

    Yesterday’s way  of fighting cyber attacks by employing fragmented tools has proved ineffective and inefficient. There’s a massive paradigm shift happening in the cyber security landscape. Fragmented tools no longer work. Integrated platforms are the future.

    Symantec offers an integrated cyber defence (ICD) Platform that unifies products, services and partners to drive down the cost and complexity of cyber security, while protecting enterprises against today’s complex threats. ICD combines information protection, threat protection, identity management, compliance and other advanced services, powered by shared intelligence and automation across endpoints, networks, applications, and clouds.

    An IDC platform unifies security point solutions with the goal of building a comprehensive security posture, and offers four key benefits. Firstly, stronger protection when the security solution is integrated across endpoints, web and business applications, and the network. Next, improved efficiencies in both security spending and operations. Then there’s the ability to correlate threat events through aggregated intelligence, and finally, a more comprehensive overview of an organisation’s risk management program.

    Acting as an end-to-end approach that focuses on data protection, Symantec’s platform is architected so that the separate elements work with one another.

    This includes endpoint security, in which a single agent architecture delivers multi-layered security across all possible endpoints - desktop, server, mobile, and IoT - protecting enterprise and mobile workforces regardless of OS, device, or network security approach.

    Web and network security are taken care of through Symantec’s cloud and on-premises network security solutions that are based on an advanced proxy architecture. The solutions provide superior defence against advanced threats, protect critical business information, and help ensure secure and compliant use of the cloud and Web.

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    In terms of email security, Symantec offers multiple layers of protection (including threat isolation) against ransomware, spear phishing and business email compromise, together with advanced analytics to identify targeted attacks, protecting email against user error and data leakage.

    For cloud app security, the company provides advanced solutions that secure cloud access, cloud infrastructure and cloud applications, providing in-depth visibility, data security, and threat protection to safeguard users, information and workloads across public and private cloud.

    Symantec also offers information protection, including encryption, data loss prevention, multi-factor authentication, tagging, and analytics, to ensure that confidential information and IT assets are protected and in compliance at all times, wherever it is stored, and that only authenticated users are able to gain access.

    For identity management, the company provides cloud-based authentication service with multi-factor authentication to cloud apps, network, and VPN to reduce the risk of breaches and unauthorised access.

    Finally, compliance enforcement gives enterprises a s suite of governance, risk and compliance tools to  help them inventory their IT assets, evaluate vulnerabilities, govern information access, and automate compliance reporting for more than 100 regulatory and best practice frameworks including GDPR, HIPAA, NIST, PCI and SWIFT.