Hybrid solutions for DDoS attack detection and mitigation

    DDoS attacks are on the rise and can have a catastrophic affect on an organisation’s bottom line, both in terms of lost revenue and the costs that rack up in terms of manpower needed to mitigate them. And these attacks are getting more complicated, with cyber crooks going ‘multi-vector’ to achieve their goals.


    Multi-vector DDoS see threat actors employing a variety of tools, at multiple stages, across numerous points of entry or attack vectors. This approach bombards every chain in the link, greatly increasing the likelihood that they will eventually succeed, and breach the network or execute their malicious payload.


    Remember the old adage “a chain is only as strong as its weakest link?” Well, this has never been more true, particularly in today’s threat landscape, with adversaries who are more sophisticated and determined than ever, and an attack surface that grows wider by the day.


    Add to this the fact that DDoS-as-a-Service tools on the dark Web, with DDoS attacks on offer for $10 an hour, $200 a day, or between $500 and $1 200 for the week, meaning that even unskilled hackers can use these tools. Then there’s the increased vulnerability of IoT devices and the resulting surge in botnets, as well as financially-motivated hackers launching ransomware campaigns.

    The bottom line, is that DDoS attacks have never been as prevalent, powerful or profitable. Likewise,  DDoS protection and DDoS mitigation solutions have never been more crucial, which is why Radware offers DDoS Attack Detection and DDoS Mitigation with AMS. This hybrid mitigation solution secures from the  DDoS threat from a wide range of attack vectors.                                                                                     

    Want to find out more?

    It integrates on-premise detection and DDoS mitigation solutions with cloud-based scrubbing services to offer end-to-end protection against multi-vector network and application attacks, and reduces the total cost of ownership by removing the need to assign resources to managing point solutions.

    AMS integrates Radware’s on-premise, real-time DDoS prevention and protection device, DefensePro, with the Hybrid Cloud DDoS Protection Service for volumetric attack protection. It boasts minimal tie to mitigate, as it starts in real time, on-premise, and has no lapse in protection if traffic is diverted to the cloud.

    It also has the widest security coverage, preventing a wide variety of DDoS attacks, including multi-vector application and network attacks, server-based attacks, malware propagation and intrusion activities.

    AMS offers 360° visibility and reporting, ensuring active monitoring of the protected service or application and pipe saturation monitoring to notify customer’s when action is required. It provides retrospective attack analysis reports via a Web-based service portal.