Hybrid cloud, endpoint, and network security solutions

    Not having the appropriate security measure in place when enterprise workloads are deployed in the virtual data center and the cloud, can lead to security gaps, as well as lower return on investment, performance lags, and real difficulty in achieving compliance.

                                                                                                                                            Organisations must be able to secure critical data and applications across their cloud and virtualised environments with effective server protection that maximises their operational and economic benefits. 


    In addition, the threat landscape is constantly changing, and traditional security solutions are no longer up to the job. Turning to a slew of point products on a single endpoint results in too many products that do not work together, which increases complexity, slows down  users, and leaves gaps in your security. Moreover, any move to the cloud needs flexible security deployment options that will adapt as the business’s needs change. Endpoint security must provide multi-dimensional protection, and consolidates the view across all layers of security and all deployment models.


    Today’s enterprises are also caught in the crossfire of an increasingly complex variety of targeted attacks, advanced threats, vulnerabilities, and exploits. The only way to keep ahead of these advanced, persistent and targeted attacks that which bypass traditional controls, exploit network vulnerabilities, and steal sensitive data, is to have total visibility of all the network traffic.


    Trend Micro’s solutions address all these challenges and more.


    Its Hybrid Cloud Security solution enables businesses to protect their applications and data from critical new threats, such as ransomware, that can cause significant business disruptions, while helping to accelerate regulatory compliance. It automates security within DevOps processes and delivers multiple XGen threat defence techniques for protecting runtime physical, virtual and cloud workloads, and containers, as well as scanning of container images during development phases.


    Its single dashboard reduces the number of security tools, combining capabilities with full visibility into leading environments such as VMware, AWS, and Microsoft Azure. The platform lowers the cost and complexity of securing workloads across multiple environments, automated deployment, extensive API integration and security capabilities that can virtually shield servers from the latest advanced threats such as ransomware and network-based vulnerabilities.

    For endpoint protection, Trend Micro Smart Protection Suites feature XGen security, and use a blend of threat protection techniques to eliminate any security gaps across al user activity and endpoints. Users can take advantage of a single, lightweight agent that enables total protection, including detection, investigation, response and data protection.


    To secure the network, Trend Micro Network Defense detects and prevents breaches at wire speed anywhere on the network to protect critical data. The solution allows businesses to preserve the integrity of their network while ensuring their data, communications, intellectual property, and other intangible assets are not exploited. It boasts a unique combination of innovative next-generation intrusion prevention and proven breach detection enables thousands of global enterprises to prevent breaches and targeted attacks from establishing a persistent foothold within the network.


    It also features integrated network-wide breach detection which identifies targeted attacks and advanced threats, and employs proactive blocking.  Finally, network-wide breach detection identifies and responds to targeted attacks and advanced threats, with the ability to share threat insight and enable enforcement.

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